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IT'S CHRISTMAS DAY!!! And I'm in an exceptionally good mood today. I smoothly got all my Christmas shopping done last minute and I'm pleased with what I got you all, I hope you are!

Dear Cissa,I saw this necklace and I thought you'd like it, so there you go! Happy Christmas!

Dear Reggy weggy, Don't ask about the keychain. I thought it was funny, you can spend the money however you wish. Hope you have a nice Christmas.
as well as a bag with money for him to buy something.

Dear Sirius, Since you've become interested in photography I got you a camera case and because you've always been interested in pranks. The pin speaks for itself. Use it wisely, cousin.

Attached to the letter are the following items:A nice leather camera bag, a gift certificate to zonkos, and a silly pin which reads 'I'm number 1!'

Dear Dee, I remember you liking sunglasses and white silk gloves so I decided that's what I'd get you! And candy just makes everything good, right?

and a box filled with various kinds of candies from honeydukes

Dear Bellatrix, I know you like France and everything, so I saw this and thought you'd like it.

Dear Lily, The clips should go nicely with your new hair! And the scarf was just nifty, so there you go.

(Ooc:Strangely enough Julie's gift didn't show up Ok I'm a moron and messed up the codes xD I put the text in the IMG tag and it was a whole jumble of HTML mess. Didn't notice it until know, anyway.)

Dear Julie, I got your this hat because it's a rather nice hat and funnily enough I saw it in the store window we got Regulus' dress from. Oh right and candy because everyone likes that.
and a bag of candy, of course.

All of which are signed '-Andy'
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